Freelance workers keep businesses going – FACT. 

We are the unsung heroes who are ready to help out in times of need – whether due to an influx of work or to deliver specialist knowledge.

I am one of those heroes. 

As a freelance copywriter, my writing skills have helped many corporates out of a sticky patch. Often, picking up projects that need my specific skill set, and sometimes to become a virtual member of their team when an extra pair of safe hands are required.

Corporates are like ocean liners

Going back to my sea-related analogy, corporates are like ocean liners. 

They are cumbersome giants. Once they set sail, it’s challenging to change direction.

On the other hand, freelancers (like me) are nimble fish that can change direction in a flash. When needed, we’re there adding value quickly, rapidly taking on the task in hand to keep the corporation on course. 

Every ocean liner needs a flexible pool of specialist freelancers who are available at a minute’s notice.

Taking on the time-consuming projects

When I meet with representatives from corporations at networking events, their instant reaction is that I’m too small to help them (in terms of business size rather than physical stature – although I am vertically challenged). 

However, after a few minutes in my company, they begin to see things differently. 

I am not here to take on monstrous marketing campaigns; I’ll leave that to the marketing agencies. 

My role is to deliver specialist knowledge at pace and with flexibility. 

White papers, reports, case studies, articles, internal comms – they all take time and a certain skill level to do them right. 

Rather than passing these tasks on to juniors who don’t have the right skills, or just letting them settle to the bottom of your ‘to do’ pile because you don’t have time, pushing them my way means you get an extra pair of safe hands that make you look fabulous. 

And let’s face it; that’s what all this is about. Having someone you can call on when you need them, so they make you look good. 

Do you want to shine or fall?

You want to be the best you can be, and that means knowing when to delegate.

You may not be able to change policy quickly in your corporation, or even get an additional staff member when you want one, but you can pick up the phone to your freelance copywriter and get a high-quality job done quickly. 

So next time you have a report, white paper, newsletter, case study, article, or any other content requirement that you don’t have time to do, remember your trusted freelancers. 

Sally Ormondis a freelance copywriter who works with numerous corporate clients, providing them with a flexible and safe pair of hands that get the job done quickly. To add her to your team, call her on +44(0)1449 779605.