Tone of voice


The best way to create a unique identity for your company online is by finding your perfect voice.

That means how you express yourself, your use of words – the way you talk.

Yes, I do mean talk.

As you’re reading this a voice in your head is ‘speaking’ the words to you. The same thing happens when someone reads your website copy. It’s that voice – how you sound – that will make you stand out from your competitors.

So how do you find your voice?

Release your creativity

Creating your own sales copy in a natural and authentic way isn’t easy.

For a start you tend to get bogged down because you have your company hat on.

The result is usually stilted, overly formal, and usually contains a splattering of marketing-speak or jargon just because you think it sounds good.

It doesn’t.

You need to get away from that mind-set and the best way to do that is to blog.

Blog your way to a unique voice

When you create a blog your head is in a different place. For a start you’re writing about something you’re passionate about. You’re also not writing to sell anything specific, so you’re more likely to write from the heart.

That’s why blogging is a great way to find your voice.

Cast your mind back to when you were a child. In those days when someone said write about what you did on your holidays, that’s exactly what you did. You wrote an account of what happened as the memories unfolded in your head.

When you read it back, it sounded like you.

And that’s what you need to achieve now.

You’re free to experiment with your blogs, try out different styles until you find one that is naturally you. You’ll know when you find it because your writing will flow without any effort.

Once you’ve found it, harness it and use it to help you create killer sales copy on your website.

Granted, what you write on your home page will have to be more structured than in your blog posts, but it’s the style and voice you’re looking to replicate.


Because it will make readers see that your website was written by a human being who cares about their welfare and wants to make their life better.

For starters it won’t be full of the generic phrases you read everywhere. It will be more questioning, easy to understand and far more empathetic. In a nutshell it creates a connection that is missing from just about every website you read.

Plus, once you’ve written it (from the heart) don’t start meddling and changing words to those that you believe to be ‘more normal’ for sales copy. You don’t want normal, you want individual.

Believe in yourself and don’t be swayed by all the other sales copy out there.

Go on, be brave, be yourself.


Want to know more? Download your tone of voice copywriting guide here.