Write your own blogs


No, I haven’t just committed business suicide, I’m just telling you a fact.

Your audience demands content. They want to learn from you, but not just once in a blue moon – consistently.

Yes, I’m talking about blogging.

There are a lot of writers out there who will gladly produce your content for you – some for a reasonable professional fee, others for peanuts. But if you go down that route, you’re missing a trick.


The clue is in the second paragraph – “They want to learn from you…

Your audience comes to your website because they believe you to be an expert in your field.

They want to learn insights from you. They want to get to know you. But how can they do that if you’re not the one doing the writing?

Be yourself

Of course, blogging isn’t just about showing off your knowledge and expertise; it’s also about building relationships through personality-packed writing.

In the online world, the only way for potential customers to get to know you is through the words they read on your website.

Only you write like you – yes, even the best copywriter in the world can’t replicate your style exactly – so use it to your advantage.

Show them, through words, why they should work with you.

Show them your in-depth knowledge, wow them with your insights and blind them with your personality.

Before you claim to not have enough time to blog, all you have to do is set aside an hour (at most) each week to write a couple of posts. Plus, because you are in full control of your content production, you can quickly react to stuff that’s happening in your industry and business, to make sure what you have to say is always topical.

You do still need a copywriter

Although I’m a great advocate of business owners writing their own blogs, they should not (under any circumstances) attempt to write their own marketing materials.

In this instance, it’s very wise to get an external pair of eyes (and fingers) working on your marketing messaging.


Because it has to be written with your reader in mind; that means from their point of view, something incredibly difficult to do from within the business.

Of course, you can use the same writer to copyedit or proof your blogs (if you keep them on a retainer) just to ensure their quality.

So I guess what I’m saying is that every business needs a copywriter, but only for their marketing materials. Sure, they can offer guidance on your blogging (or copyedit to ensure continuity of style if you have multiple contributors), but the blog writing should come from you.


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