Home copy hitting the spot


How hard can it be to write your home page?

It’s just a matter of saying hello to the world and telling them all about your company, right?


And that’s the problem with an alarming number of websites (so you’re not alone).

What should your homepage say?

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Why does your website exist?

If your answer is to sell, you’re almost there.

You see, although the result you’re looking for is leads or sales, the main focus of your website should be to show your audience how you’re going to make their life better.

That means, your home page is not there as a platform for you to shout about how great your company is. No one want’s to read about that.

Not convinced?

OK, think about it this way. Imagine you’re out looking for a new pair of shoes. As you walk down the High Street, you spot a gorgeous looking shop with oodles of ‘must have’ shoes in the window.

Its upmarket feel and the immaculately displayed shoes, boots and sandals seduce you. Before you know it you’ve walked through the door, and an assistant is approaching you.

You expect them to greet you, ask how you are and what you’re looking for – are you looking for shoes for a special occasion…really, a Ball? How wonderful. What’s your dress like? You know, niceties like that.

But what they actually do is tell you all about the company, how long they’ve been trading, what car the MD drives and that they are the most unique shoe retailer in the country.

Did you buy? Of course not; you headed out the door as fast as possible and went to a different store.

The same thing goes for your website.

Your home page is the first thing people will see. Therefore, it’s the first impression they’ll get of your company. Rather than telling the readers how amazing your company is, it must be focused 100% on their needs.

You have to convince them why should they buy from you.

The fact that you’ve been in business since 1889 isn’t going to make them reach for their credit card.

They want to be wooed and shown how unique your hand-made shoes are. They want your content to make them feel the quality of the Italian leather you use. They want to see how special your shoes are and made to believe that other people will drool over them enviously. They want to know your shoes are indicative of success, power and superb taste. They want to know they’ll be the envy of all their friends.

I know, a bit OTT, but you get the picture.

This seemingly impossible impression is created through carefully chosen words, fused together in a style and tone that engages with the reader. The end effect is a home page that convinces the reader your product (or service) is the one they’ve been searching for.

It comes down to the fact that you’re not actually selling a product or service; instead, you’re providing something that will enhance their life. It just so happens that it’s your product/service that will give them the lifestyle they want (or aspire to – because, let’s face it, a pair of shoes isn’t going to make you more successful – or can they?).

Over to you

Take a look at your Home Page – who is the main focus on, you or your customers?


If it’s you, it’s time to change your copy – if you need a hand, get in touch with Sally Ormond (Briar Copywriting Ltd) on +44(0) 1449 779605 who will get your copy working for you.