copywriting or editing?


It’s a given that professional copywriting doesn’t come cheap.

Why should it?

You’re asking someone who has spent many years learning their craft to create original copy for your website, brochure, email campaign, report etc. They use their experience and expertise to create something that’s completely focused on your customer, reinforces your brand and persuades your reader to get in touch with you.

Granted, not every business will have the budget for this type of professional help, so they opt for an editing service instead.

So what’s the difference?

What is editing?

Well, editing existing content is exactly that.

The writer will review what you have and amend it to make it stronger and more customer focused (whilst correcting any grammar or spelling errors).

That’s it.

Editing writing will not result in a whole raft of fresh content. It will purely be a “tweaked” version of what you provided.

So what’s copywriting?

A copywriting job is quite an undertaking.

It involves a lot of time spent in the research phase as the writer gathers information to help her understand your market, your business, your products or services and your customers.

Then comes the planning.

She wades through her research to isolate the features of benefits that you offer and begins to structure the content.

Once that’s done, she will begin to construct the initial draft. This can take quite sometime to put together, honing it until it’s in a suitable state for review.

After you’ve reviewed the content it then goes back for further refinement in line with your feedback. If necessary, this process is repeated a second time.

Once the content has been agreed there will be a final proofread to ensure the content is free of errors before being released to you for your use.

Why am I writing this? 

All too often, clients will ask for an edit job when really they expect copywriting.

My advice?

Think carefully about what you need.

If you’re happy with your content and just want it spruced up, go for an edit.

If you want powerful, original copy that’s aimed at your customers, opt for copywriting.