Your company needs loads of copy.

Whether it’s updating your website content, creating newsletters, writing internal communications, pulling together case studies, creating white papers and reports, or keeping your blog fed, the demand is constant.

Not only does it take an inordinate about of time to generate said content, but it also requires a lot of skill (far more than you think).

You have four options:


You could write it yourself. However, considering all the other things you have to do it either gets rushed or pushed to the bottom of your to-do pile. Either way, it doesn’t get done or certainly not to the standard that it should be.


Delegation is a beautiful thing, but to whom do you delegate? An underling is usually the way to go, but they are unlikely to have any marketing or writing experience, so you’ll end up with something fairly generic, poorly thought through and downright dull.

Hire a new member of staff

If you have such a demand for content it warrants a full-time member of staff (unlikely), you could hire in. However, you’re then tied to another salary, pension, holiday and sick pay. Plus, an experienced writer/marketer isn’t going to come cheap, and if you don’t have enough work to keep them busy, you could be paying for someone you don’t need.

Find a freelancer

Your fourth option is to find yourself a reliable, experienced, and professional freelance copywriter. You can hire them for a certain number of days per month and will be guaranteed high-quality, professional work. They will have loads of ideas that can be used to strengthen your marketing and you won’t have to pay sick pay or holiday pay. Perfect.

Just remember the ‘free’ in freelancer doesn’t mean free

A freelancer is ‘free’ to work with a number of different clients. They are their own bosses providing professional writing services to those savvy companies that understand what professional writing can do for their business.

It does not mean they offer cheap or free writing to businesses.

Hiring a freelancer means you’re looking to work with a professional copywriter. They will have heaps of experience and will be able to advise on strategy as well as content. It is like having your own marketing executive except you won’t have to fork out for a full-time executive salary (or pension).

It is a very cost effective way of working with someone at the top of their field.

So remember, next time you shop around for a freelance copywriter, expect to pay professional rates.


Sally Ormond has been providing freelance copywriting to big businesses and growing businesses for over a decade. To get your content cooking, call her on +44(0) 1449 779605.