What is the one thing that will make your blog stand out from all the rest (other than great content)?Discover your blog voice and stand out from the crowd

Your voice.

How you put across your information, your style, personality and voice will all me major factors that attract people to your blog and encourage then to stay.

You must make sure your voice and personality are ‘heard’ and not an imitation of your favourite blogger.

Be you, be proud

How do you make sure your personality shines through?

1. Think about how you want to come across

Before you start blogging, think about how you want to present yourself.

Do you want to be seen as being:

  • Formal or informal?
  • Conversational and chatty?
  • Amusing?
  • Factual and to the point?

Once you’ve decided on the best fit for you make sure you continue in the same style for all your posts.

2. Inject your personality

The best way to make your posts stand out is to let your personality show.

No one can write like you so make the most of your individuality. That way your readers will get to know you and, in their minds, build a relationship with you – and that’s how you gather a loyal band of followers.

3. Look back at old posts

A fact of blogging life is that certain posts will do better than others.

Take a look at your most successful posts and work out what it was about them that attracted so many people, then replicate it.

4. Attention to detail

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Analyse the vocabulary you use, your punctuation style, your layout style and turn of phrase. These are all factors that will attract readers to you and set you apart from other writers.

Your blog is a great way to not only show people your knowledge and expertise, it’s also a brilliant way to show your personality and to allow your readers to engage with you and get to know you.

Make yourself stand out from everyone else by developing a style that suits your personality.