Customer letters


Brand personality and that touchy-feely stuff are what marketing is all about these days.

Companies are catching on to the power of conversational communication on their website and social media channels.

Slowly, they are dragging themselves away from the starchy corporate image of old as they realise that their customers want cosy, friendly, chatty marketing.


It takes away the “they’re trying to sell me something” feeling.

However, there is one area that companies (yes, that means you) forget.

It’s the one thing they don’t give a lot of thought to because they’ve already ‘sold’ to the customer before this bit of their communication strategy kicks in.

What is it?

It’s the letter.

Yes. Letters are still a relevant part of customer communication, but all too often remain starchy, impersonal and downright dull.

Acknowledge the reader

The chances are you have to send out a physical letter at some point during your customer relationship.

The problem is, it’s usually the one thing that’s not reviewed by your marketing team, or (more likely) it’s a time-consuming job for which you either don’t have the manpower or patience.

And that’s a big mistake.

Every contact with your customers has to be spot on and give the same brand image.

Reviewing all your standard letters should be your top priority.

First, they should be re-written to satisfy your brand voice. Then they should be shaped to be more friendly and personal.

It can be a laborious task, and if it’s one, your team doesn’t have time for it’s well worth finding a great copywriter who can do it for you.

All they need is:

  • An outline of your brand guidelines
  • A picture of your customer (not a literal one, rather an image of the type of person they are)
  • The aim of each letter
  • Time

Then they can crack on and re-craft each letter.

The result is a library of strong, friendly and engaging messages that will enhance each customer’s experience during their relationship with you.

It’s a small detail but one that’s vital.

So get on it now, dig out your letters and find yourself a professional copywriter who can inject pixie dust and magic into each and every one.