cat and mosue

Advertising is a necessary evil for business owners. It is the ultimate cat and mouse game.  Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to create an advert that will sell to your reader without them realising it.


Because most people don’t like being sold to. It makes them feel manipulated so you have to do it in such a way to make them feel as though it was their idea to buy your product, not yours.

Many people think it is fairly easy to put an ad together – throw a few graphics or images together, add a splash of colour and a few words and, hey presto, you have an advert.

Well, if that’s how you work, you may not be in business too much longer. To help you out I have listed below 10 tips to help you create adverts that will not only look great but will also sell.

1.    Get ideas by studying the advertising material of similar products to your own. Put together a ‘swipe’ file of good sales letters, adverts and emails etc., which can use for reference.

2.    Be clear from the start what it is you want your advert to do. Is it for sales, lead generation, attract web traffic, newsletter sign-ups…

3.    Before you begin list your products features and benefits. Make sure your leading benefit is used in the headline or first sentence.

4.    Be specific – include numbers, sounds, smells, descriptions etc.

5.    Tell you reader how your product differs from those of your competitors and highlight the areas that your product is better.

6.    Use visuals – show people using your product or before and after shots (if relevant).

7.    Identify your target audience. Who are they, what do they like, how to they think…

8.    If you have proven facts (i.e. surveys, reviews, product tests etc.) use them in your ad as they will add credibility to your product.

9.     If you offer a guarantee, after sales support etc., tell them. This will add to your credibility and your readers’ peace of mind.

10.     Make sure you tell them what you want them to do – buy now, call today, book an appointment etc. If your call to action is vague or non-existent you won’t make a sale.

There you have it. These 10 tips will help you put together adverts that will convert into sales and put money in your pockets.

But one word of advice – test your adverts. Create 2 versions and find out which one generates the most response. Then refine that one until you achieve the ultimate ad which sells, sells, sells.