The end of the world is here.

At least that’s what it sounds like according to media reports. 

Yes, we are in unprecedented times (yet another phrase that’s become a cliché), but rather than seeing this period in our history as a time of disaster, it should be seen as an opportunity. 

In terms of commerce, it’s forcing businesses to reassess what they’re doing. Countless firms are adapting their processes to manufacture PPE equipment and ventilators. Larger companies, with deep pockets and the foresight to change, will survive. Granted, they may enter a period of hibernation, but once it’s all over, they will be back. 

The problem is, as many of these large corporates contract, they are taking away the livelihood of many smaller businesses. Many of which won’t survive if they are unable to adapt. 

Personally, as a freelancer, I have seen many projects put on hold. Many of my corporate clients are pulling back from content production for the time being. But, on the other hand, new opportunities are arising from other companies looking to reinvent themselves. 

I have the flexibility to be able to weather this storm (so, if you need an additional pair of hands, I’m here to help you). 

The great turning

I could wax lyrical about the times we are facing, or I can leave that to Erika Gagnon. She is a Canadian ceremonial leader and wisdom keeper of mixed-race ancestry. This is what she had to say about the uncertain times we are facing. 

“These are important and historic times, as we are forced to realise how truly interconnected, we all are, here together on this giant ball of earth/fire/water/air floating in the middle of the cosmos. I encourage you to remain calm and to be kind and gentle with yourself and others, reminding you that in every crisis lie great teachings and gifts for us all. 

“We give thanks at this time that the earth is receiving a much-needed rest from global human activity. Such a deep healing for our earth/waters/air and wildlife. There are no cruises disturbing our oceans, whales and marine life…Reduced pollution as borders close, fewer airplanes fly and factories shutdown…As companies suspend operations and oils prices and share markets drop, our global economy shudders and begs for re-evaluation. 

“No more distraction or escapism through games/sports events/ entertainment/concerts and unnecessary travel…Work and schools are closing everywhere as people are left with the simple message to slow down, to be close to family and to turn our attention inwards. Reminding you that you are your greatest healer and to continue to transform and transmute any discordant and destructive energies with more love, more gratitude and more forgiveness.

“Reminding you that you are here for a reason, you were born for these times, with gifts to share in the service of unconditional love for yourself, humanity, all beings and this planet. We are being forced reassess our lives as we are being shown how fragile our system really is. This can be, and is, the society and global breakdown of our world system that has been predicted and that we have been waiting for, also known as “the great turning”.

“The choices yours, we can either allow fear and anxiety to dominate, or we can see this as our opportunity to be positive, courageous and full of hope. To re-examine our lives, our beliefs and our goals and to guide ourselves and our communities towards a new version and a new reality of human existence upon this planet. What a powerful silver lining to the coronavirus!”

Erika Gagnon

A time to be positive

There is a lot to be scared of at the moment. But there is also a huge opportunity just waiting for you if you’re brave enough to take a leap of faith.

If you’ve been thinking about changing direction, now’s the time to do it. As Erika said, now is the time to re-examine your life and begin your new reality. Grab this opportunity with both hands, start planning your future, and, once society begins to return to normal start your new life. 

Sally Ormond, a freelance copywriter, safely tucked away in her Suffolk Garrat is open for business and ready to help you.