Correcting mistakes when they happen


There is one thing you and I have in common – we’re human.

That means one thing.

Things go wrong sometimes.

Yes, it happens to everyone, so the next time someone tries to make you feel bad when you make a mistake claiming they would never do something so stupid, smile to yourself because they have probably done something that was even more stupid.

Towards the middle of July the latest incarnation of my website was launched. It went live just before I disappeared to Florida for two weeks for a well earned break.

I thought I’d managed to iron out all the niggles before I went, but there was something I forgot to check.

You know when you suddenly get the feeling something’s missing?

It’s like getting an itch in your head that you can’t scratch.

It’s there constantly, annoying you.

The problem is you can’t think what it is and you have to wait until it suddenly dawns on you.

Well, it was when I’d been back to my desk a week or so that the light bulb moment happened.

I was uploading some blogs when I realised I hadn’t checked if the link to the free download I offer when people sign up for my newsletter still worked.

You see, with the new website I also decided to change the giveaway.

I navigated to my home page, entered my email address and waited.




Damn. My sign up process had failed.

I got to work immediately and got the problem fixed. Then came another realisation: lots of people had signed up and hadn’t received their download. How was I going to put that right?

The answer?

My newsletter.

This month’s issue contains an apology and the link to the download so everyone can get their hands on it.

You see, we all make mistakes, but so long as you acknowledge them, fix them and make amends the world will not end.

Sorry if you’re one of the people affected, but by now you should have my latest newsletter with the link in it.