Give bloggers bylines


To byline or not to byline, that is the question.

If you use external freelance writers to create content for your blog, they have probably agreed to write as your company and therefore wouldn’t expect a byline.

However, if you use external experts to generate content for you, a byline should be included out of courtesy. After all, why would they create valuable content for you if you don’t credit it to them?

However, what if you get your employees to contribute, what then? Should you include their byline?

I think the answer to that question should be yes, and here’s why.

Driving motivation

You only want the best people in your team.

It’s their loyalty, motivation and innovation that has got your company to where it is, so why not reward that with a byline?

An employee who is given credit for their work will be far more motivated to continue producing great content.

Not only will that benefit you, but it will also help them promote themselves and establish their reputation as an expert in their field.

You might argue that that will open you up to head-hunters who will try and poach your best people, but if you treat them well why would they want to look elsewhere?

Providing them with a byline shows your respect for them, and that goes a long way to promote loyalty.

Stamping authority

Before doing business with you, your customers do their version of due diligence.

They’ll take a look at your blog to see what you have to say.

They want to be reassured of your teams’ experience, that they are up-to-date with current thinking and that they have a strong online presence and are happy to share their knowledge with others.

The only way they can be sure of all that is if you add bylines to each blog contribution.

It shows your confidence in your people and humanises them in the face of potential customers.

Boosting credibility

As well as advice, top tips and industry news, your people will also be writing opinion pieces.

This is a great way to make a stand against common viewpoints, especially if you have produced a product or service that offers a new perspective on a common problem.

Posts like these are often outspoken and as such attract much attention. The addition of a byline adds credibility to the piece because it will show the thoughts have come from an expert in their field who is qualified to make such statements.

It also makes it easier for PR companies to attribute quotes to the right people when using your material in their stories.

Motivation, authority and credibility are all driven by the humble byline. Use them to celebrate the talent you have working for you, raising your profile and theirs, and see your reputation as a market leader soar.