If you are an avid reader of marketing blogs you’re bound to have come across the old saying ‘content is king’.

Internet marketers across the globe have been telling us that if you want more organic traffic to our websites we need to generate more content—but not any old content, targeted content containing relevant keywords.

As a result many companies are now adding content to their sites, but it’s not always good content.

One of the easiest ways of getting loads of content is to use a copywriter. But there are loads out there so it pays to do your research and find a good professional copywriter and that doesn’t mean the cheapest one. As with most things in life you get what you pay for; if you pay peanuts that’s what you’ll get.

Of course good copywriters don’t come cheap so many companies some believe they’ve found the perfect solution to this. You think you’ve got the best of both worlds – shed loads of new content without the high price tag. If that’s you, you’ve probably done one of two things:

  • Out sourced your content writing to an Indian company or elsewhere in the world where you can pick up loads of articles for next to nothing
  • Decided to take the DIY approach and written it yourself

Big mistake!

Remember, what’s written on your website reflects you as a company. Content is not all about traffic – it’s also about reputation. Can you really afford to jeopardise yours through poor quality content?

Don’t value quantity over quality

Diluting good copywriting with the not so good could have a seriously detrimental effect on your rankings. 

A large part of your search engine optimisation strategy is link building. But people will only link to great content. By watering down the effectiveness of your content with sub-standard articles will have a knock on effect with your linkability. As the number of links you generate dwindles so will your rankings.

If you want to attracts links, your content must be entertaining, interesting and appealing.

But there is a more serious consequence – low quality content will reflect badly on your company’s image. Now for the science bit:

Great Content = Increased value + Positive effect on your company’s image

Poor quality content = Disappointed readers + Negative effect on your company’s image

Why am I telling you this?

For this simple reason – if you don’t invest in quality content for your website you’re going to do some serious long term damage to your reputation.

If you genuinely care about your image and reputation make an investment in a professional freelance copywriter who will work with you and be with you for the long haul.