powerful copywriting

Words can be very powerful. Believe it or not, the English language is full of words that will make people act the way you want them to. They will buy, they will contact you, they’ll even hop up and down on one leg whilst waving their arms around – OK, maybe not the last one.

What am I talking about?

OK, let me ask you this. What is the purpose of copywriting on your adverts, brochures or website?

The answer is simple – it is designed to make your reader buy. Now and again your readers may need a nudge to get them to arrive at that buying decision. So, the words that you use within your advert are really important.

Rather than leaving you to discover the mine of golden words yourself, I have listed 10 of the little beauties below.


I thought you might be. Prepare yourself, here we go…

•    Limited – People love to think they are getting something ‘exclusive’. Tell them your product is in limited supply and they won’t want to miss out.

•    Discount – Don’t you just love to think you’re getting a bargain? Well, your readers will too. They could be time limited, BOGOFs, money back schemes etc.

•    Guaranteed – This is the all important peace of mind. It will give your readers confidence in your company knowing you believe in your product so much you’re prepared to give a guarantee.

•    New – Every one likes to have something that is new that will improve their lives whether its information, technology etc.

•    You/Your – These are so important. Talk to your reader directly and you’ll build rapport and make them feel special.

•    Fast – Whether it’s fast delivery or fast results, time is an extremely important commodity these days.

•    Testimonials – Seeing is believing. Your readers will be reassured if they can read from others that your product works. Just make sure the testimonials are specific and reputable. 

•    Easy – People are inherently lazy. They want easy ordering, easy instructions, easy to pay and easy to use…

•    Important – This is one word that makes people sit up and take notice. They won’t want to miss out on important information that could affect them.

•    Free – This doesn’t mean you have to give your product away. Free information or a free trial is a great hook and incentive to buy. People love to get something for nothing.

By using these words in your sales copywriting you’ll help create a greater response to your marketing. Try them out.