Copywriting is not a panacea


If you’re looking for a universal remedy to your marketing woes that will convince everyone that comes into contact with your content that they must buy from you-you won’t find it.

Nope, not even professional copywriting will do that for you.

There is only one guarantee in marketing, and that’s the fact that not everyone is going to want your product or be ready to buy your product. That’s why you’ll never get a 100% conversion rate.

How can I be so sure?

Well, a conversation I had with some girlfriends the other night over a few glasses of Pinot Grigio.

We all love reading and got onto the topic of whether we were in the real book or kindle camp.

This is my take on the debate.

I love technology, and I’m also an avid reader, so you would expect me to be at the front of the Kindle queue. It has everything:

  • E-ink screen so it can be read even in the brightest sunshine
  • Compact design, so it’s easy to carry around
  • Instant access to more books than you can read in a lifetime
  • Fast downloads with inbuilt Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Fast page turning ability for seamless reading
  • Long battery life so you won’t be interrupted as you get to the good bit

It sounds fantastic, and I do confess to owning one, but I rarely use it.

The first few times I used it were great (especially while away on holiday), but then I started feeling nostalgic and yearned for a real book once more.

For me, a book is so much more than just a way of conveying a story.

They have a lot of downsides:

  • They take up a lot of suitcase space on holiday
  • They get soggy when you read in the bath
  • You need a lot of bookshelves to house
  • They don’t easily fit into a small handbag

But there’s no substitution for the smell of a book, the feel of its pages and the sense of being privy to someone’s innermost thoughts. It is exciting to hold a book, become immersed in its words and to turn each page with trepidation never quite knowing what’s coming next.

That means, no matter how imaginative or exciting Amazon’s marketing for their Kindle, it won’t win me over.

And that’s why you’ll never get a 100% conversion rate.

For some people, your product or service just won’t be for them.

It’s not a case that you’ve done anything wrong; it just means it doesn’t float their boat.

Of course, that doesn’t mean copywriting is dead in the water – far from it.

It’s still the most effective way of reaching out to your audience and showing them how you’re going to make their life easier. It’s also the best way to show the personality of your business.

All I’m saying is, investing in professional copywriting won’t guarantee you results, but it will place you in the strongest possible position within your marketplace.

Sally Ormond is an international copywriter, mum, Pinot Grigio glugger, cyclist and yoga girl.