Are freelance copywriters the only people who can write persuasive copy?

I would love to answer that with a yes, but anyone can write persuasively if they have the time and inclination. But as time is a rare commodity these days it is often more cost effective to use a professional copywriter.

Creating a magnetic force in your writing uses 9 techniques. Used in isolation they’ll have little effect, but combine their power and you’ll produce captivating copy that will make your reader buy.

I guess you want to know what the 9 elements are…

1. Be direct

I don’t mean write “Buy it now!” – that won’t work. I’m thinking more of the tendency to over write.

For example, rather than saying “The majority of Primary School pupils almost certainly believe that Santa really exists.”

Oh boy, how long winded is that?

Instead, say “Most Primary School children believe in Santa”  – simple, direct and to the point.

2. Repetition

If done well, this will create a rhythm that will carry your reader and drawn them in.

3. Active

Use of the passive voice creates copy that sounds as dull as ditch water e.g. the cat was stroked by the girl. But by swapping around the subject and object of the sentence you make it active – the girl stroked the cat.

4. Brief

Less is definitely more. Most people don’t have time to read reams of copy and their concentration begins to lapse after the first few sentences. Therefore make sure that’s where your important copy is.

5. Short sentences

These are easier to read. They are easy to understand. If you begin to get complicated, which we all do from time to time, people will begin to tire of your copy and you run the risk of them deciding it’s really not worth reading your overly long copy especially as by the time they’ve reached the end of your sentence they’ve completely forgotten why they were reading it in the first place.

6. Debate

Don’t answer everything for them – leave them wanting more.

7. No adjectives

Adjectives will leave your writing dull – be ruthless and banish them.

8. Story

Relate your product to a real life situation through case studies to get your reader hooked.

9. Informal

Conversational writing is the most effective.

These simple techniques are very easy to use, and when combined will produce some powerful copy – are you ready for the flood of orders?