The daily grind of creating fresh long-form content to keep your readers (and the search engines happy) is a huge task.

It can, at times, feel as though you’re scaling a never-ending mountain that’s traversed by dry stonewalls that you have to climb over.

Of course, rather than going through this creative pain yourself, you can hire in a copywriter. However, collaborating with them and coming up with an endless supply of topics can still be wearing.

So, what’s the answer?

The easy option to content marketing

Before you get over excited, I’m not suggesting for one minute that you ditch the long form copy.

However, what you can do is complement it with easy to produce content.

Yes, there is such a thing, and it involves recycling.

In your archives you’re bound to have numerous articles, blogs and white papers, sitting around gathering dust.

A lot of time and effort went into their production so make sure you get your monies worth.

You can start by repurposing old articles and blog posts by transforming the content in a series of emails or newsletters. All you have to do is dip into them and pull out the most relevant points to create helpful, informative emails and newsletters.

Another option is to tweak old blogs posts that didn’t so as well as you’d hoped in the search engines. Take a look at their search potential and re-optimise them so give them a boost. This will help them reach a wider audience.

After publishing a blog post, it’s usually forgotten about. However, if you randomly schedule old blog posts through your social media channels, you’ll help lengthen their shelf life.

Your industry and ways of thinking are always changing. That’s why it’s worth trawling through older posts to see if any can be updated and published as new posts.

Using easy to write copy to fill the gaps

Above we talked about four ways to generate a fast and consistent supply of content to supplement your usual marketing activities.

This repurposing of content is something that’s often overlooked by companies. Even if you don’t want to do it in-house, finding a freelance copywriter to do it for you will ensure your content needs are always fulfilled.

On top of repurposing old articles and blogs, take a look at the white papers you have. These can be serialised and re-written for a fresh audience, breathing life into valuable content that would otherwise be left to fester somewhere.

Don’t let anything go to waste. Recycling content is the best way to ensure maximum ROI from your marketing activities.