Brand Building through content


Have you noticed that practically all aspects of marketing come down to one thing – content?

Even your brand reputation depends on it. Your content says a lot about your brand, so it plays a crucial role in building its reputation. Getting your content right will deliver viral brand awareness, an increased conversion rate, and positive ROI.

All of that adds up to an excellent reason why you must use the right content strategy in your business, starting with the basics.

Website content – where the journey starts

I came across a website yesterday that has got it all wrong. I’m not going to name and shame, but here are a few of my thoughts.

It kicks off announcing “[company name] was founded upon an outcomes-centred client proposition” – no, I have no idea either. It continues in much the same vein and is all inward-facing, i.e. there’s lots of ‘we’ and no ‘you’. Nowhere does it show the reader the genuine benefit of the service – you know, how it’s going to impact their bottom line, be it greater efficiency, cost savings, etc.

And yet, when you finally reach the pages about the team, the whole thing shifts to create a more human feel. Suddenly, the voices of the staff shine through. On top of the regular job titles, we see things like Chief Thinker, Friend Maker and Chief Widget Maker.

To me, that playfulness should have been in the brand from the get-go. Yes, their market is the finance industry, but it is still made up of people who will respond well to a brand that’s open, welcoming and that brings a bit of lightness to an otherwise dull sector.

You see, your website is the backbone of your online presence. Through it, you will build credibility by using your authentic voice.

Creating authentic content

To be authentic, avoid being a copycat. It’s tempting to get content ideas by scouring the websites of your competitors but don’t. You want to give your readers something new. Talk about innovations, trending topics and recent events but from your perspective. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions.

Being authentic and using your voice, in turn, creates your brand identity. You’re writing for fellow human beings, so it’s time to play with grammar. If you are a grammar pedant, you’re not going to like this, but to be natural in your writing, you have to bend the rules. The important thing is to come across in your writing as you would when speaking. Yes, that means using the odd dangling modifier, ending a sentence with a preposition, even starting a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’. To do so adds a human element to your writing that lets your personality shine through.

Brand your content

As already mentioned, your voice strengthens your brand. But it must remain consistent across all your content. Not only that, but your visuals, layout and style all combine to create a look and feel that is your brand.

Creating this type of continuity builds brand awareness. Think about brands like Apple, Cadbury, Google, Coca-Cola and Amazon – they are instantly recognisable due to their visuals, colours and content.

I can’t stress enough the importance of being true to you. Frequently, clients ask me for web copy that’s in the same style as a brand they like. But I won’t do it. Your website and its copy must reflect your business; otherwise, it merely becomes a poor carbon copy that won’t attract or inspire anyone.

Vary your content

It’s tempting just to churn out blog after blog and call that your content strategy. The problem is that people like to receive their content in different ways.

For some, a blog, white paper or article is their preferred choice. For others, it is podcasts. Then there’s those who enjoy video or interactive content. Inclusivity is what it’s all about. Plus, it allows you to repurpose your content in a variety of formats.

Before long, you’ll have a library of brand content that can be shared across all your social channels.

Using content for brand engagement

Making sure your content gets read is the next hurdle. The most important thing to remember is that just because you spend time writing doesn’t mean people will spend time reading.

It’s your job to create content that your readers will want to read. That means using every trick in the book to get them engaged.

Strong visuals will break the ice and bring your content to their notice. A powerful headline will draw them in. But how do you keep them reading?

Combining storytelling with content that appeals to their emotions will do the trick.

Don’t forget user-generated content

The value of customer reviews is often overlooked—peoples’ opinions matter, especially to potential customers. Don’t be afraid of showing your readers what other people think about you.

Collating comments from your social channels and using them in your marketing materials will add weight to your brand and demonstrate the value of what you offer in a real-life situation.

Your content is vital to develop a strong brand

The content you produce goes a long way to create a strong brand. It’s not enough to switch the Lorem Ipsum placeholder text of your new site with poorly considered content. Every word you write and the style in which you write it will impact the perception your reader has of your brand.


Author: Sally Ormond, copywriter, cyclist, wine lover, and brand content specialist.