diary Writing a diary for yourself is one thing – the only audience is you (unless someone takes a sneaky look at your inner most thoughts) so the process of writing is fairly straight forward. But writing for other people is a different ball game. You have to make your opinions and views entertaining and interesting enough for them to take time out of their day to read them.

When writing for publication you are putting yourself forward as an expert in your field. That comes with a lot of responsibility. What you write has to be of good quality because there’s a lot of competition on the internet.

If you are serious about article marketing it is important you are aware of one of the key elements to successful article marketing – high quality articles and lots of them.

How to write articles quickly

You’ve all heard the old saying that you should only write about things you have actual knowledge of. So that seems a good place to start.

This is a good way to gain confidence and quickly gather a library of articles that can be used on various sites. But before you begin, even if you are writing about something you know well, research your subject. That way your writing will be factually correct.

As your confidence grows you’ll be ready to tackle other subjects. But if that worries you, look at your own field and write articles about every aspect of your experience, comment on industry news and other articles. You’ll find a huge amount to write about before you even have to consider another subject.

Knowing your subject is one way of being able to produce articles quickly. The other is practice.

Writing regularly will not only help develop your writing style, it will also help your confidence grow.

Of course, article writing also calls for organisation. Make sure you adopt a cohesive structure. This blue-print will then be the basis for all your articles:

· An introduction to the topic

· Paragraphs that deal with the topic

· A conclusion to the topic

It sounds really simple but it is a winning formula that lets you convey your message properly to your readers.

Finally, I am constantly harping on about the important of keeping it simple. If your article is easy to understand it is more likely to be read so resist the urge to use complex words and sentences. Just keep it simple.

Sally Ormond – freelance copywriter