How many times have you had a brilliant idea for an article only to be frustrated by the end result?

Something you’d hoped would be Booker Prize winning stuff ends up mundane and boring. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve started reading an article in anticipation of being entertained and enlightened, only to be bored to tears. So here are some pointers to help you create interesting and attention grabbing articles.

By understanding these tips, you will end up making your article writing incredibly powerful.


I know that sounds pretty obvious but it is the choice of words that can make all the difference. Some writers try and make out they are incredibly intelligent by stuffing their articles with big, impressive words that no one understands. Don’t – simple language wins every time.


The structure of your article is also very important. Long blocks of solid text are a complete turn-off. Short, snappy sentences and paragraphs create an article that is compelling and easy to read. Don’t use five words when one will do.

The best way to achieve this is by writing a ‘How to’ article. If someone is reading it it is because they want to learn what you are about to tell them. As long as you stick to the topic and teach them how to do it, you will succeed at writing an interesting article, well, for them at least.

Tell ‘em a story

Everyone loves a story. By using this format you can illustrate how what you’re writing about has helped someone. People love reading about people.

Offer information

Finally you can keep your article interesting by offering information that is rarely found elsewhere and quite possibly information that you alone can offer.

It’s as simple as that. Article writing is a great way to promote your business. As a freelance copywriter I post numerous articles to directories to build back links to my main website.

Give it a try – after all practice makes perfect.

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