press releases


Is there still a place for press releases in the 21st century?

Our high-tech environment means we can get news 24/7 anywhere and in whatever format we choose. So does that mean you’re wasting your time writing press releases?

IMHO, I don’t think so provided you are using them to announce a real news story.

What’s news?

For something to be newsworthy it has to be relevant and interesting to your audience.

So it could be something like a charity event your company’s been involved in, a move to new premises, the release of a new product/service, a new director joining the team, a business expansion, or something along those lines.

The benefits of online press releases


  • Grabs attention

Looking at press releases as a way of building relationships with the press (national, local or industry magazines), a well put together release will really appeal to editors and journalists.

For a start, you’re basically delivering a fully researched and written story into their laps that’s ready to go.

  • Great for SEO

From an online perspective, well-written press releases that target relevant keywords can do wonders for your searchability. That doesn’t mean you can publish any old thing and you’ll get a flood of traffic. Your press release must be journalistic, relevant and not a thinly disguised marketing message.

  • Clear facts

The press is often accused of misrepresenting the facts. If you create a well-put together press release that clearly states the facts, it gives great fodder from which journalists can quote for larger pieces of copy.

  • Kick-starts additional content

Once you’ve created your press release, it doesn’t have to collect dust in the corner. You can use it to create blogs, articles and social media messages to amplify your message.

  • Widens your reach

The beauty of a press release is that you never know where it might take you. Whether you send to editors, publish online, or both, you never know who will pick it up. It could lead to stories about your company in industry magazines; it could bring your company to the attention of a potential client who’s not come across you before. The sky’s the limit.

  • Reinforces your brand image

Your brand image is everything and controlling the way you’re seen online means you can make sure you’re viewed in the way you want to be.

How do you write a press release?

Rather than going into swathes of information here about how to put a press release together, you can download my Powerful Press Releases guide that talks you through the important elements to include.

If it’s news, press release it

The main thing to remember is that your press release has to be newsworthy – i.e. something your customers/audience needs to know about.

Use my guide to construct a powerful press release and send it to online outlets and your press contacts for the widest possible coverage.