feature and not benefits


Not so long ago, I wrote a blog post about features and benefits.

I was back on my soapbox again talking about the difference between features and benefits.

Just to remind you:

  • A feature is what something is
  • A benefit is what something does

So why am I writing about this again so soon?

Well, I found yet another example of a company that has absolutely no idea what a benefit is.

Monday morning is gym morning. I was in the changing rooms getting ready when I saw a poster pinned to the front of the lockers.

I was so gobsmacked by what I saw I took a picture of it to show you.


this is not a benefit


As you can see, the gym has recently taken delivery of a new sunbed for its members to use.

Apparently, the best thing that can be said about it is that it has a shimmering metallic plastic moulded canopy.


That’s the only thing that sets it apart?

OK, it might look good but how does that help the user?

Does it:

  • Help them develop a healthier tan?
  • Use technology that creates an even tan?
  • Help them tan faster?

I don’t know about you, but the fact it has a shimmering canopy is not going to make me want to use it.

This is another example of advertising completely missing the point.

If you want your product to stand out you have to show your reader how it will make their life better.

Come on people – try a bit harder.

Alternatively, hire a professional copywriter who will make sure you get the right message across.