Most businesses realise that the internet is the place to be these days.

It is a vast market place scoured by millions of internet users every day.

But that doesn’t mean you should dash out and throw any old website together. If you want a website it should for one reason only – to sell. If it doesn’t do that, it becomes a very expensive brochure.

As a copywriter I have used this blog as a way of informing and educating people in how to get the most out of their website. But there are still a large number out there who don’t seem to get it.

What’s the point in having a website if…

Your website is your online shop window. As such it should be eye-catching, informative and tempting.

Here are 5 examples of when your website isn’t worth the space it occupies on the web:

1. You can’t be found

Let’s get one thing clear, just because you have a website people aren’t automatically going to find you. Many people believe that as soon as their site is launched they’ll be bombarded by buying traffic—think again.

If you don’t invest in search engine optimisation, you won’t get found.

You must ensure your web designer understands SEO and builds your site to make it visible. You should also find yourself a good SEO copywriter who actually knows what they are doing. It won’t be cheap but it will mean your copy and HTML tags will be properly SEO’d.

2. You, you, you

Your reader couldn’t give a toss about you, how long you’ve been in business or how many staff you have—certainly in the initial stages of buying. They want to know what you are going to do for them. Why should your product be better than anyone else’s? What will it mean to them if they buy it?

If your navigation looks like—About Us—What we do—Our Products etc. they are unlikely to hang around. Write about the benefits to your customers. That’s all  they are interested in.

3. Go here

If you hide your navigation in playful graphics how are your readers going to find their way around your website? If you want people to get in touch or buy from you, make it easy for them to do so.

4. Go away!

This is a personal dislike (but I am not alone), do not have annoying pop-up boxes appear on your website that chase the reader around the screen.

‘Are you sure you want to leave?’ – Yes of course I’m sure!!!! Leave me alone.

5. Music and video

I’m beginning to sound like a grumpy old woman now but I can’t stand websites that auto play videos and music. First off they slow down the loading time of your site and secondly they are so annoying. Have a video by all means but leave it to me to choose whether I want to watch it or not.

Remember, when you are having your website designed leave your ego at the door. The only think that matters is what your customers want:

  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate
  • Optimise your URL and title tags
  • Get your copy written by a professional SEO copywriter
  • Put an SEO strategy in place
  • Make sure your content addresses your reader and is benefits led
  • Resist the urge of ‘cool’ graphics, gadgets and gizmos