reMarkable 2


[Please note this is not a sponsored post.]


Running a paperless office has always seemed impossible to me. As a copywriter, I do all my work in Word, but my notes are taken the old-fashioned way – with paper and pen.

It took me years to finally move over to a digital calendar, so the thought of abandoning pen and paper altogether has always appeared a step too far.

But, at the end of 2020, I did it. I went paperless. Notes, admin, the works – all of it is now electronic, although I haven’t given up my pen.

It was reMarkable 2.

reMarkable has won me over

reMarkable is a paper tablet with the look and feel of real paper. I did try a couple of apps on my iPad a while ago but couldn’t get on with them. I found the interface slow and clunky and the quality of the writing poor. In contrast, reMarkable’s digital ink is much faster and clearer – as close to ink on paper as you’ll get.

With this wonderful gadget, I can take notes, convert handwriting to text, email directly from the device, upload PDFs and take notes on them directly and it helps me keep everything super organised.

As if all that wasn’t enough – you can also view your notes on all devices!

Why don’t I use a laptop?

I did try using a laptop for meetings, but I found it very impersonal. It’s challenging to build relationships with clients when there’s a screen in the way. Using reMarkable, I can continue a conversation and take notes easily while staying focused on the task in hand.

I can doodle, draw arrows to link thoughts, go back and add notes to earlier discussions – something you can’t do with a laptop (at least not as easily).

reMarkable is a reVolution

It’s not just me that’s raving about it, TIME has listed it as one of its Best Inventions of 2020. The magazine article focuses on its real paper writing quality; it’s thinness (4.7mm) and its two-week battery life.

It is simply the coolest way to take notes.

As I mentioned at the start, this is not a sponsored post. It’s merely the words of a super fan who has finally found something that has meant she can say goodbye to paper. I no longer have to waste time hunting for notes (where do they go?) because they are all there, filed away electronically and quickly accessed on my reMarkable device, phone and iMac.

I was beginning to despair that I would never reach a paper-free utopia, but I have. Thank you reMarkable, you have genuinely reVolutionised the way I work.

To find out more about reMarkable 2 and how it will reVolutionise your workflow, head over to