call to action

What is the one vital aspect of copy that is often missed?

The call to action.

It’s true that copywriting is about building rapport with your readers—you have to get to know them, understand what makes them tick and befriend them. Perhaps that’s why people shy away from actually telling them what to do.

But if your copy doesn’t shout “Oi! Get in touch and buy now” (OK perhaps a bit harsh) they’ll just swan off and read someone else’s website, brochure, email or letter.

So how do you go about driving your reader towards your call to action?

Start softly

Good copy builds a relationship with the reader. Through your words you must show that you understand what their problems are and that you know how to solve them. Identifying the benefits of the product/service you’re selling will illustrate this. It will show how their lives will be improved by using the product/service—it shows that you care, that you’re willing to listen and take action to make their life better.

Once they’ve read all of that, they’ll be your best friend forever and will do anything you ask.

Stage two

As your reader now trusts you completely it’s time to move onto the next stage in your blossoming relationship.

They now realise that what you’re selling is what they need, they are completely convinced of the fact that it’s what they want. But now they’ve reached the end of the page there’s a problem—you haven’t told them what to do next.

There’s just an empty space.

They don’t know what to do, they go into a blind panic, hit the back browser and head off to another website. All your hard work as gone to waste.

What went wrong?

You’ve forgotten a very important sentence. A sentence that will tell them what they need to do. You have forgotten the call to action.

“But they know they want to buy the product, why should I have to tell them to buy it?”

A very valid point, but as far as your reader is concerned, why should they have to hunt around your website trying to work out what to do next? If you can’t be bothered to tell them to Click here to buy now, or Call us today on 123 456 78 and book your appointment, why should they stick around?

Take a look at your website – do you have a CTA? If the answer’s “no” get one added to every sales page.

Don’t leave your sales conversion rate to chance. If you want your reader to buy, tell them.