Website copywriting

When creating your website you have to consider several things – your design, its functionality, your message etc.

Your unique selling point and the products and services you offer are going to be very individual. But one thing that is fairly standard is the important basic range of website pages.

Every page will have a Home Page, About Us, Products/Services and FAQs.

They may appear under different names, but each must be optimised for your main keywords.

Each page should be optimised for a different primary keyword to maximise your website’s chances of ranking highly.

In this post I will take a look at the Home Page and About Us page.

Home Page

This is where most of your traffic will land and so is the make or break page of your website. If you want this to rank well it must have great content. How much is going to depend on what you have to say but a good format is:

  • A strong headline (including your keyword)
  • Paragraph of about 150 words
  • Bullet list stating benefits
  • Sub heading containing a secondary keyword
  • Another 150 word paragraph

Of course that is not to say any other format won’t work, but this is quite a good one if your message fits.

This format helps when readers scan your page (which most do). The keywords are in bold in your heading and sub headings and your main benefits are in the bulleted list (to which your readers’ eyes will be drawn). Therefore within a few seconds your reader will know who you are, what you do and (more importantly) what your product/service will do for them.

This page must also have a strong call to action. Without that, how will you reader know what to do next?

About Us

You may have noticed on the Home Page I omitted any details about you. That’s what the About Us page is for.

People do like to know who they are dealing with, so it is important the copy on this page connects with  them. Your writing should be warm and friendly not distant and overly corporate. Keywords are not quite so vital here but it is still an opportunity to optimise your text to boost your keyword coverage.

This is your opportunity to show the human side of your business. If you had a shop you’d greet your customers and shake them by the hand. That’s the kind of approach your writing has to convey.

Creating content for the web isn’t as easy as it sounds. It has to sell but be engaging; it has to create an emotional response; it has to be appealing to your reader and the search engine spiders.

It is essential to get all these elements right which is why investing in a good SEO copywriter is essential. Get your website copy wrong and you’ll just have an expensive digital brochure very few people read. Get it right and you’ll have a sales tool that works for you 24/7.

In my next post we’ll look at the Products/Services Page and FAQs.