MailButler for Apple Mail


Not my usual type of post, but every now and then I come across a product that I can’t believe I managed to live without for so long. And when I do, I just have to tell people about it.

I’ve been an Apple user for about 5 years.

I love my iMac, but have found its mail feature a bit limiting. For example, in Outlook I used to be able to schedule emails, now I can’t.

Every now and then I would search the web for something that would give me more flexibility with my emails, and one day I stumbled across MailButler.

What instantly grabbed me was that it was an add-on that seamlessly integrated with Apple Mail rather than a clunky third party platform.

It comes with oodles of features, such as:

    • Snooze – allowing you to temporarily make an email disappear from your Inbox.
    • Tracking – to tell you if a recipient has actually opened your email
    • Scheduling – so you can specify a time and date on which your mail should be sent, great when working with international clients
    • Undo Send – after hitting send you get a countdown (mine’s 10 seconds) to give you chance to undo the sending if you wish
    • Signatures – you can create beautiful email signatures by selecting between their various templates.
    • Cloud Upload – MailButler automatically uploads big file attachments to the cloud and adds the corresponding links to your message instead
    • Attachment Reminder – this means you’ll never forget to attach a file to a message again that you mentioned in the message text

Avatar Images

     – the sender of an email can be spotted easily by their colourful avatar

  • Direct Inbox –  access your most frequently used mailboxes right from the menu bar – one-click away from everywhere
  • Emojis – now you can add them easily to your emails
  • Unsubscribe – in just one click you can unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters

But that’s not all, new features are being added all the time.

And you’re always up to date with automatic notifications of when there is a new version ready to install.

You can try it for free or opt for the pro version (that’s the one I use).

I have no idea how I coped before I got MailButler. Give it a try – you won’t look back.