Boost your twitter followingFor many people, when they start to dabble in Twitter, there’s one question that springs to mind – how do you find people to follow?

If you’re just searching for friends and colleagues, you’ll probably run out of people fairly quickly, so how do you find interesting tweeters?

Well, I’ve been a tweeter since 2008 and it took me a while to find my feet. Plus, it also took me a while to realise that it was OK not to follow someone back if I didn’t find their profile or tweets relevant or interesting to me.

Ther are various tools out there you can use to find tweeters in your industry, and I have to say, a list of these would have been very useful when I started out. Which is why I was pleased to come across a post on by Leon Wildrich, which runs through various tools you can use to find interesting people on Twitter who you want to follow.

His post goes on to show you how to engage with your followers and make the most of your Twitter experience.

So, whether you’re a Twitter fledgling, or you’ve been using it a while, it’s well worth taking a few minutes to have a read and discover how you too can build your Twitter following.

Thanks Leon, some great tips.

Sally Ormond – Copywriter and tweeter