Hey, I’m a copywriter so I know exactly what my audience wants, right?

All they want is an incredible offer and they’ll be putty in my hands.

If real life was like that it would be amazing and my job would be very easy. But sadly in the real life creating copy that sells isn’t quite that easy. Sometimes there is a problem with your sales pitch—they simply don’t want to buy your product.

You can’t lead a dog of a tablet…

Well that’s a well known saying in my house anyway.

I have two dogs—one very large chocolate Labrador that’ll eat absolutely anything you give him, and a Springer Spaniel. The latter is not the most intelligent animal in the world but when it comes to identifying medicine he’s a real Einstein.

Try and put the tablet in his food bowl and he’ll eat round it; put it inside a lump of cheese and he’ll eat the cheese and spit out the tablet.

So, use your imagination here and think of the dog as a customer and the tablet as your offer (come on, hard to imagine but try), you’ll have to tailor your sales pitch to him in order to get him bite.

The only way to get him to eat is by disguising the ‘offer’ (or tablet) by grinding it up and sprinkling it on a piece of bread thickly spread with Marmite. Now when he’s offered it he eats it (and practically takes your hand off too).

The moral of this rather doggy story is research your market.

At the end of the day if you tailor your pitch to your audience you’ll end up with a loyal customer base. But don’t be upset if you don’t always manage the sale. No campaign will have a 100% success rate as there are too many other factors out there that will have an impact on your conversion rate.