generalist copywriter


One of the first things potential clients want to know is whether I’ve written for their industry before.

I sort of get why they want to know, but the fact is I don’t need experience in any specific sector to be able to write about it.

When I started out, people were always asking whether I was going to specialise in a specific subject.

To be honest, it never occurred to me to do that.

Over the years, I’ve met many copywriters who have specialised and tried to carve out a niche for themselves.

Some have been lucky and managed to work freelance within a specific industry; others haven’t been so lucky.

Personally, I don’t think it helps your writing if you limit yourself to one sector, and here’s why.

Jack of all subjects and master of all

As I mentioned earlier, clients always want to know if I’m a specialist in their field.

The answer is usually no.

They are already specialists, so there’s no need for me to be. In fact, there is only one thing I need to be an expert in, and that’s copywriting.

To me, it’s far more essential to hone my craft of word wizardry than it is to learn everything there is to learn about everything.

My clients are the subject matter experts, and they come to me for my writing skills, not because I have the same knowledge as them.

By being a ‘generalist,’ I bring a lot more value to my clients than if I specialised in their industry.

For starters, I come with an open mind and am not blinkered in their industry’s way of ‘speaking.’ That means I can cut through the marketing crap and create content that their readers want to read.

Being new to their product or service, I also see it from their customers’ point of view. This helps to identify the primary benefits and unique selling points.

Plus, writing for multiple industries, I make use of techniques and approaches that are new to invigorate content and make it stand out from the usual mundane approach taken by other writers (freelance and in-house).

So what I’m saying is that hunting high and low for a copywriter who has worked in your industry before is a waste of time.

How to find a great copywriter

To find a great copywriter forget about finding someone with experience in your industry.

A copywriter with a varied portfolio is a safer bet. It shows they can easily adapt their writing style to suit any audience

Give them a ring or ask them into your office for a chat. If you hit it off ,you’re more likely to get a great result.

Oh, and remember, a copywriter is a professional so you can expect to pay professional fees.


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