Just because you blog doesn’t mean you have thousands of loyal followers hanging on your every word.

Have you taken a look at how many comments you’ve been getting?

Not many?

OK, that doesn’t necessarily mean your blogs are weak, but it could be an indication that you’re not hitting the mark (when it comes to providing what your readers want).

What can you do to turn things around to excite your readers rather than bore them?

Here are five ways you can improve your writing.

  1. Be original

There’s no point rehashing everyone else’s ideas. Readers want something new, even controversial so don’t be afraid to put your opinion out there.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can be freely offensive. Plus, you have to be credible and be prepared to stand up for your beliefs.

It can be an excellent way to generate comments but don’t be tempted to enter into a comments war with those that disagree with you. Be polite and accept everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  1. Write for your reader

A mistake that is seen time and time again is writing for the search engines rather than readers.

Yes, SEO is important but not at the expense of readability. Only credible, well-written and interesting posts will be shared so focus more on your expertise than SEO.

  1. Accuracy is essential

Not only must you make sure your spelling and grammar are spot on, any facts and figures that you cite must also be checked for validity.

You must also pay attention to the way you come across through your writing. Read it out loud to check its flow. Does it sound right? Have you used the right tone for your audience? Is it engaging or did it have you yawning before you’d reached the end of the first sentence?

  1. Don’t be a one-trick pony

Written posts (like this one are great) but not everyone likes to get their information that way. Mix it up video, infographics and podcasts. Use vibrant (and relevant) imagery in your posts to bring them to life and make sure you use a mixture of lengths.

Some people like short and sweet posts that they can digest quickly. Others prefer in-depth articles that they can mull over for a while.

Providing a bit of everything will add variety to your post and will keep everyone happy.

  1. Do you have the answer?

Let me ask you something. Why are people reading your blog?

The answer is because they’re looking for the solution to a problem they are facing so make sure every blog post you write offers a ‘take away’ they can use instantly.

‘Top tips’ and ‘How to’ posts work particularly well for this.

None of this is groundbreaking stuff, really it’s just common sense, but it doesn’t hurt being reminded now and then.

Keeping these five essentials in the back of your mind when writing will help you ensure you’re not boring your readers.