White space copywritingwhite space in copywriting


Copywriting is an industry, like design, that uses a lot of white space.

It doesn’t mean the writer has run out of things to say. On the contrary, it emphasises, organises, and aids understanding.

The world is full of clutter, bombarding our brains with ‘noise’ until they become overwhelmed and shut down. When that happens, our minds remain closed to new ideas and learning opportunities.

White space gives your brain and eyes a chance to rest and focus on the important stuff; that’s why white space is crucial for copywriting and content.

The benefits of white space

White space is attractive to the eye

How do you feel when you turn the page of a novel only to presented with a full page of text? Row upon row of impenetrable content without any space for breath. Your mind gets overloaded and starts to wander.

When you have a piece of content that’s broken up into small chunks, your eyes get a chance to rest between sentences. You are not overwhelmed by words and images. Instead, your eyes smoothly transition from one thought to the next.

Better comprehension

The ability to rest between thoughts makes it easier for your reader to assimilate the information they are taking in. It’s easier for them to read and understand your message and follow your argument.

Of course, the words you use also have to be simple and straightforward, without any jargon slipping through because simplicity and space improve readability.

Focuses mind

If your content is one solid wall of text, the reader can’t identify the most important points you are trying to make.

Bring white space into the equation, and you create a whole different effect. Marooning a bulleted list in a sea of white space draws attention to it, signifying its importance. As a result, you create scannable content.

Gives an air of luxury

To highlight this next point, I want to transport you to your local shopping district. On the one hand, you have the cheaper end of the clothing market that stacks their products high. Everywhere you turn another table or rail is groaning under the weight of the latest fashion.

On the other side of the mall, you have designer stores. Sparsely furnished, you can walk with ease around their minimalist displays, browsing their latest designs. Their use of white space conveys a feeling of luxury and refinement.

That is the effect you achieve by using white space in your copywriting.

Your brand deserves white space

The saying ‘less is more’ is highly relevant here. The oxymoron highlights how the less complicated is often, the better understood – in other words, brevity in communication is more effective than verbosity.

Give your brand the air it deserves by using white space throughout your content strategy.


Sally Ormond is a professional copywriter with a black belt in white space. Working with her will see your content’s aura rise to the highest heights, taking your brand to the level it deserves.