META description

META descriptionThe META description exists to describe your page. It’s the bit that comes up underneath the URL in the search results.

You only get a maximum of 160 characters, so it’s essential to make sure you advertise your web page (whether it be a page on your website or a blog) to content searchers.

That doesn’t mean cramming it with your keywords, hoping your reader will work out what your page is about. Instead, write your META description using your keywords intelligently to create a compelling narrative that the reader will want to click.

But Google will use a snippet, so why should I bother writing a META description?

Yes, it’s true. If you don’t specify a META description, Google will do it for you. However, it takes the content from anywhere within the page, so it may not be the most relevant information.

A compelling, original META description will help your search engine optimisation.

You see, it is as essential as ad text (if you run a PPC campaign). A well-written, logical, and compelling description has the power to raise the click-through rate of your organic search results.

That means more people who see your page in their search results will click through to take a further look, which means more traffic.

Think about your search habits.  When faced with a list of websites, you automatically read the tags to see which result is the most relevant. So, if you want your web page to get the click, make sure you write a stonking META description.

How to write a good one

The following tips will help you create great META descriptions:

  • Write for your readers, not the search engines. Although it’s important to include keywords, don’t stuff them.
  • You’re limited to 160 characters, so think carefully about what you want to say.
  • If you use WordPress, use one of their SEO plugins to help you.
  • Finally, communicate your benefits just as you would in your on-page copy.

Think of the META Description as your 60-second sales pitch. Use it to tell your reader what the page is about and how it will help them.

A well-written tag will dramatically increase your chances of getting that all-important click. So next time you write a blog post or create a new web page, think carefully about how it will help your reader and tell them in the tag.

Remember, the META Description won’t affect your ranking, but it will help drive search traffic your way.