You’ve Got Traffic, So Why Aren’t You Ranking?

September 27th 2011       Sally Ormond       marketing tips, search engine optimisation, seo strategies, traffic


Targeted trafficYou’ve worked so hard with your search engine optimisation strategy. All that blogging, article writing and, SEO copywriting and, rather expensive, SEO tweaks to your website structure have finally paid off.

Proudly, you show everyone your website on the front page of Google for your chosen keyword.

Fantastic, but before you head off to the pub to celebrate, there is a wee problem.

Yes, your website is ranking superbly, but your analytics (and inbox) are showing that you have no traffic.

Is that right? Can you really have a well ranking website, but not have any traffic?

What’s gone wrong?

Yes, it is possible for this to happen and it’s more than likely due to one of these reasons:

  • You’re not really ranking at all
  • Your keywords aren’t delivering (because you’re targeting the wrong ones)
  • You’re simply not attracting the all important click

Those lovely people at explain all in their post I’m ranking, so where’s my traffic.

First of all you need to discover your particular problem. It could be down to the rankings you are seeing being personalised or localised (this is why you may not really be ranking).

It could be that there is so much competition for your keyword that you’re site is actually appearing ‘below the fold’ and people just aren’t scrolling down that far.

Perhaps your keyword simply isn’t getting any traffic because the search volume for it is really low. Or it could be that the keyword you are targeting doesn’t match the audience you’re after.

Or it could be down to the way your listing looks. Perhaps your title tag is looking spammy or your META description is simply boring.

If you’re website isn’t performing as it should, take a few minutes out of your day and have a read of’s post.

It may be that a few tweaks is all it will take to turn things around.

Tags: marketing tips, search engine optimisation, seo strategies, traffic
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