Download Your Copywriting Guide PDFs

How To Make The Most Of Your Copywriting Budget

Learn more about the copywriting process and how copywriting fees are calculated in this handy guide.

How To Brief A Copywriter

This short guide takes you through the briefing process so you can be sure you provide all the information your copywriter needs.

How to Start Blogging

You know you should be doing it, but how do you get a blog started? This useful guide takes you through the basics of why you should be blogging, how to write winning posts, how to generate ideas and the common pitfalls to avoid.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is a term you hear a lot in marketing, but what exactly does it mean? This handy guide explains what it is and how to use it within your writing.

Why is Your Email Marketing Failing?

Email marketing is a cheap and quick way to interact with your customers, but what happens when it's not creating the impact you want? This guide will show you why your email marketing is falling flat and what you can do about it.

Creating a Winning Offer

Your marketing is nothing without a stonkingly good offer. This short guide gives you some great ideas about how you can create irresistible offers.

Powerful Press Releases

Press releases are still an important part of your marketing strategy. This guide offers tips on how to create a press release that won't be ignored along with a template for the perfect structure.

How to Write Your About Us Page

Never underestimate the importance of your About Us page. Although it's there to tell your readers who you are, it is still an opportunity to sell. This guide offers 5 valuable tips to help you create an About Us page that rocks.

Writing Corporate Brochures the Right Way

Your corporate brochure is your flagship piece of marketing collateral (apart from your website) so it's important you get it right. This copywriting guide takes you through the whole process and provides you with a tried and tested formula that will ensure your brochure is a hit.

How to Run a Successful Corporate Blog

Blogging is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. However, running a corporate blog can be a complete nightmare. This guide gives you some useful tips on how to make the most of your content.