Why Quality Counts in Content Marketing

April 23rd 2013       Sally Ormond       content marketing, why content must be quality, writing quality content

As Google constantly changes its algorithms, quality content is now more important than ever. Content marketing

But if you outsource your content needs quality content doesn’t come cheap, but don’t let financial matters cloud your judgement unless you’re happy for your website to disappear from sight.

Everything you put on the web will reflect on your company. One naff article or poorly written blog post could have a detrimental effect on your online visibility and reputation. Not only that, but if you insist on every piece of content being a blatant sales message your traffic is going to take a nose dive.

You see, quality is important.

If you’re still not convinced, or need a bit more ammunition to convince the holder of the purse strings, here are 6 points that are worth remembering.

1. Reputation

Already mentioned, but so important I’ll say it again – every piece of content you put out on the web will reflect on your business. So if you opt for the buy in bulk cheap content route, be prepared for a backlash.

Poorly written content that doesn’t add value is like offering shoddy customer service to everyone that comes through your door. Don’t do it, it will hurt your company’s reputation.

2. Stand out

There is shed loads of content on the internet already, so yours has got to stand out from the crowd. That means it has to be top notch when it comes to quality, interesting, relevant to your audience and highly searchable.

3. Google’s nose

With its ever changing algorithms, Google is a master at sniffing out poor quality content. It will look at how long people stay on a page, how many shares there are, bounce rates etc., to find the worst offenders. And when it’s found…well, you don’t want to know. OK, it’s unlikely that guys wearing sunglasses and suits in blacked out Mercedes will appear on your doorstep, but your website could plummet without warning.

4. Lifetime

Unlike print media or good old fashioned newspapers, content that’s published online stays there, for good (or until you remove it).

If you put out poor content with your name on it, it will have a long lasting effect – and that’s not good.

5. Money matters

When you approach a professional copywriter for help don’t expect to pay peanuts, not for a good one.

Writing great content takes time, research and stacks of experience, none of which are going to come cheap.

6. Business mogul

One of the main ideas behind content marketing is to position yourself as an expert in your field. You want people to read your articles and blog posts and thing ‘wow, I need to work with this person’ and you’ll only get that response from well written content.

These 6 reasons have hopefully shown you why you should always put quality before cost. Trust me, a small pool of informative and well written articles is much better than a monsoon of substandard content.

Don’t ruin the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Quality, well written content is the only way to go.



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