The Press Release Is Dead

February 3rd 2015       Sally Ormond       Marketing, press release, seo, writing press releases


press release


Or is it?

In the days before the internet, press releases were the main tool businesses had for getting their news out to where it mattered.

It was the sole driving force behind brand awareness. They helped drive news (even if slightly skewed), get people and companies noticed and kept customers informed about what was going on.

Then the internet came along.

Now the marketing mill uses the power of blogs, social media and other real-time channels to get their news out. Newspaper circulation is dropping, TV audiences are diminishing and the reach of radio is contracting making the press release a less attractive form of communication. Then throw into the mix Google’s assault on the humble release, in part caused by their over use by SEO firms causing the increase in low quality content and you’ve got a pretty strong case for their demise.

So, are they dead?


Press releases still offer small businesses a useful channel through which to shout about their news. Whether they are send out to newspapers and magazines, or one of the many websites (e.g. CNet News, Forbes, etc.) and social media, they are a legitimate marketing tool.

Of course, unless you have some ground breaking news that’s going to change the world, you’re unlikely to experience a sudden influx of interest. However, if you follow up your press release with a targeted approach (i.e. phoning a journalist and pitching your story to them) they can open the door for a news story.

What of their SEO value?

Well, as I mentioned earlier Google has made life tricky due to past playing of the system, but they can still have some value for search engine optimisation. Some sites that publish press releases still use “do follow” links, but more that anything they should be used to attract interest rather than as link bait.

If you focus on relevancy, conversion and reach rather than relying on them for your main news dissemination vehicle, press releases are still a useful tool in your marketing armoury.

Use them wisely and don’t rely on them solely. Used as part of your marketing strategy they are still live and well.


Tags: Marketing, press release, seo, writing press releases
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