The UK is to be the 1st Country Where Over Half the Ad Spend Goes on Digital Marketing

December 16th 2014       Sally Ormond       digital marketing, making the most of your marketing, marketing spend



Is that really a surprise?

OK, granted the fact that it’s the UK that’s to hit this milestone first might be a surprise, but the fact that digital marketing and online media is commanding such a high percentage of annual spend isn’t.

The research, carried out by GroupM (as reported in The Drum), shows that in 2015 £1 of every £2 spent on advertising in the UK will go to digital and online media.

So what’s caused this surge?

According to Adam Smith of GroupM, it’s down to the British embracing smartphone use:

“The British are the most enthusiastic online shoppers in the world in terms of spend per head. And there has always been a high level of credit and debit card use [online]. On top of that Britons have rapidly embraced smartphone and tablet use, all of which has fuelled where advertisers spend their money.”

So what does this mean for UK business like yours?

The every increasing use of mobile technology for shopping highlights the need for a responsive web presence that works across all devices.

Not only that, but it also shows that great attention must be paid to your online content.

Your website must be focused on your customers, highlighting the benefits of your products and services.

Your buying process must be streamlined and simple to use.

Plus, your content marketing must be your top priority.

Potential customers will only find you if your content is of high quality and focused on their needs.

This is especially true for smaller businesses.

When you’re a sole trader, or small business, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of writing about yourself.

Your customers are only interested in getting the best for themselves, which is why it’s important to focus on what you can do for them.

If I were searching online for a plumber it’s more than likely because I have a leak, need a new bathroom installing or something else along those lines. In other words, I have a problem to which I need a solution – a reliable plumber. That’s why your web copy, articles and blogs all have to be focused on what you can do for your customer.

Separating yourself from you business and writing about it as though you were a customer is difficult, but it’s something you must master if you are to be successful (or hire a good copywriter).

If you want your business to go places:

  • Invest in making your digital marketing as strong as possible
  • Maintain it to keep your customers needs in mind
  • Make sure everything you do is for your customer





Tags: digital marketing, making the most of your marketing, marketing spend
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