Marketing and Connecting Through Social Media

May 3rd 2012       Sally Ormond       marketing tips, online marketing, social media, social media marketing

Q: Should you be using social media?Marketing and connecting through social media

A: Yes.

Q: Should you be selling through social media?

A: Yes.

Q: Should you be connecting and engaging with your customers/audience through social media?

A: Yes.

Yes, social media is a great way to connect, engage with your customers, find new clients and promote your business.

But many businesses fall at the first hurdle because they use it solely as a promotional tool. By constantly tweeting or updating fans about your latest promotions, news, what you’re up to and a few more promotions, you’ll lose followers hand over fist.


Because you’ll come across as being ‘spammy’.


Social media as a marketing tool


Through social media you can encourage people to sign up to your newsletters, promote your eBooks and give-aways and encourage them to visit your website. But if that’s all you do, people will get fed up with you. The key is to also use social media to connect and engage with people by:

  • Listenting to what they are talking about, you may be able to help
  • Find out what they’re saying about your business (great customer research)
  • Engage with your followers and find out what they are looking for
  • Build relationships with people you wouldn’t normally come across
  • Give advice and ask fo help

Plus, use it to promote other people who’ve help you because social media is all about marketing, connecting and reciprocity.

Be generous with your information, connect, engage and build relationships. if you do that, social media will prove to be a powerful tool in your online marketing strategy.


Tags: marketing tips, online marketing, social media, social media marketing
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