How to Run a Successful Corporate Blog

March 5th 2015       Sally Ormond       blogging, corporate blog, maintaining a blog, running a corporate blog, single blog voice


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Corporate blogs can be a nightmare.


One of the main reasons is that it involves multiple contributors.

You might think that’s a good thing because it shares the workload.

True, but it also means it can be a headache to coordinate.

One poor sole will be tasked with chasing up the contributors to make sure a regular stream of content is published.

Mind you, that’s not the biggest problem.

That comes down to continuity.

Speaking with one voice

Every company has a brand voice.

The problem with multiple contributors is that you’ll get a vast array of writing styles that can create a cacophony of noise that will put readers off.

Some people are naturally gifted writers whereas others are not.

Some people will be able to write in engaging, simple language that everyone can understand.

Others only write in complex terms that result in a meaningless article that leaves everyone scratching their head.

So how can you get round this problem and create a successful and long lasting corporate blog?

Streamlining your blogging process

The answer may seem to be to get one person to do all the writing. The only problem with that is that your blog will need to cover a number of different subject areas and one person is unlikely to be able to write everything.

The best way to get round the problem is to have a blog Gate Keeper.

The posts are written by your own subject matter experts and then passed to your Gate Keeper.

It is then their job to:

  • Copyedit each article to bring in line with the brand voice
  • Tweak them to make them more readable (i.e. by adding sub headings etc.)
  • Source images to bring the subject matter to life
  • Add elements of SEO

The end result is a healthy blog that’s regularly update with readable articles.

Whether this is done in-house or outsourced, it is the best way to make sure your corporate blog remains healthy and popular.

Author – Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting

Tags: blogging, corporate blog, maintaining a blog, running a corporate blog, single blog voice
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