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May 29th 2012       Sally Ormond       copywriter, copywriting tips, Mobile copywriting

With  27% of UK adults and 47% of teenagers owning a smartphone (Ofcom), it’s hardly surprising so many companies are looking to the mobile market and tailoring their online marketing accordingly.Copywriting for mobile devices

However, some companies believe that users will simply browse their website through their handset so there’s no need for additional investment in a mobile website. But according to a recent study by  the marketing technology provider Unica (link to PDF), that isn’t the case:

  • 33% of companies are already using mobile messaging, applications and websites as part of their marketing strategy
  • 24% plan to use these tactics within 12 months
  • 13% plan to use them in more than the next 12 months
  • 20% had no plans
  • 10% didn’t know

Therefore, the need for mobile websites is created because of the way mobile users use their smartphones.

Creating powerful mobile website copy

As a copywriter, I know all too well that readers can get very easily distracted, which is why the best and most effective copy is succinct, precise and easy to understand.

Mobile users are even more easily distracted than PC browsers as they will be interrupted by phone calls, texts, and push notifications, so your information has to be fast and easily absorbed.

Not only that, but because  the screen they are using is so small, your copy has to be:

  •  Tightly focused
  • Short
  • Easy to understand

It’s true to say that all copy should have these traits, but you have more leeway on a normal website. Mobile copy has to concentrate on the goal of that page and strip everything else out because what looks like a short paragraph on your computer will cause a mobile user to scroll for eternity to reach the information they need.

In that way, creating copy for the mobile world is more like writing for Twitter or texting. Your message has to be gotten across quickly and in as few words as possible. Of course, you must never forget to include your call to action.

With the ever increasing number of mobile users, its never been more important for your take their needs into account when devising your marketing strategy.




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