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July 3rd 2012       Sally Ormond       customer service, keeping clients happy

Despite being written from a copywriter‘s point of view, this post applies to virtually all professions.Keeping your clients happy

In business, your clients are your bread and butter. Without them you’ll just be sitting at your desk, twiddling your thumbs or playing Angry Birds.

So, the way you deal with them is crucial if you want to keep them and attract others.

Below are just a few tips on making sure they remain happy – even if things go wrong.

1. Listen to them

The only way you can hope to fully understand the project you’ve been asked to work on is to listen, take notes and, of course, ask a mountain of questions.

If you try to second guess what it is your client wants, you’re going to get it wrong – big time.

If the brief they provide is unclear, don’t struggle on and risk it; ask for clarification, even if the questions sound stupid to you. They would much rather you asked at the outset than submit work that’s wrong.

2. What do they want?

There is a good chance that what they want, or want to achieve, isn’t necessarily going to marry up with their brief.

Find out what their objectives are, why they are commission that particular piece of work and what they want to get out of it. If you can see that what they’re asking for isn’t going to work, suggest alternatives that might be better.

3. Watch what you promise

When you get a new client you’re going to want to impress, but that doesn’t mean promising them the earth.

The promise of unrealistic results and deadlines will damage your relationship.

It’s best to over deliver rather than under deliver.

4. Keep in touch

No doubt you’ll be working remotely so it’s essential you keep you client updated with your progress. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than hiring someone to do a job for you and not hearing from them for weeks.

5. Contact

This one is all about being available when your client wants to talk to you.

If they can’t get hold of you they’ll get very frustrated. That doesn’t mean to say you have to be at their beck and call every second of the day, but if they email you make sure you respond quickly.

6. Sorry

No one is perfect, not even you. Mistakes happen and when they do, don’t try and bluff it – they’ll see straight through you.

You’ll save face by owning up and putting it right.

7. Thank you

When you’ve finished the project, thank them. Tell them how much you’ve enjoyed working with them (even if that’s stretching the truth a bit) and make them feel valued. That way, when they need more work, with a bit of luck they’ll come back to you.





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