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May 9th 2013       Sally Ormond       effective twitter profile, twiter profile, twitter first impressions

How you come across to others on Twitter will have a big impact on your followers. twitter first impressions

Usually, the first thing someone will do when considering following you is to check out your profile, so make it as powerful as possible.

It is made up of these elements:

  • Picture
  • Twitter handle
  • Bio
  • Web address
  • Number of tweets, followers and following
  • Your last tweets

Each of these will impact on their decision on whether to follow or not to follow.

1. Picture

A generic image of company logo is really quite impersonal.

I know that big brands will want to use a logo, but for smaller companies why not use your photo, or as I do, your photo with your logo? It just adds to the personal connection.

For larger companies that want to use their logo, a nice touch is for the tweeter to add their name or initials to their tweets.

2. Twitter handle

Finding a Twitter name isn’t easy these days, but if possible use your own name to increase the chances of people being able to find you.

3. Bio

You don’t get a lot of room to play with (160 characters), so your bio has to be pretty creative. Use words and phrases that will make it memorable, plus if you can add in some keywords it will make you more visible.

4. Web address

Always make sure your web address is shown as it may encourage someone to pop along to your site to learn a bit more about you.

5. Number of tweets, followers and following

At a glance people can see if you’re a prolific tweeter, how often you tweet so they can gauge whether you are someone they’d like to follow.

The number of followers and following also shows how influential in the Twitterverse you are.

6. Latest tweets

Being able to see what you tweet about will make up their minds whether to follow you or not.

If it’s just a long list of promotional messages, you’re probably not worth following. But if they are varied and interesting and show that you engage a lot with other followers, you may well be worth a follow.


That’s a very quick look at how you can attract new followers. First impressions to count, so make sure your a chatty tweeter and followers will flock to you.




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