After spending over a decade writing content for clients around the world and mentoring aspiring copywriters, I’m often asked why I haven’t written a book.

It’s true that I have oodles of experience and could happily talk about all aspects of content creation until the cows come home. However, countless people have already done that.

A quick Google search will show you how many books on copywriting exist. Some are excellent and written by such greats as Ogilvy and Andy Maslen; others aren’t quite so great and are just reiterating what the Gods of words have already said.

That’s why I ask myself what I can add to this already crowded space?

To teach or to do?

I have to admit it would be a rather handy additional income stream, but that’s not the right reason for cutting down a few more trees or taking up space on an already crowded internet.

I’m a firm believer in doing what I feel’s right rather than what others say I should be doing. For me, what feels right is putting all my energies into the work I do for my clients. It gives me far more joy seeing my content helping their businesses go from strength to strength.

The whole concept of writing compelling copy hasn’t changed since it all started. Granted, the way it’s delivered has changed dramatically, but the core principles remain the same.

Why reinvent the wheel?

You may well disagree with me and say that to write a book is the ultimate self-promotion. It shows your expertise in your field. I suppose that’s true, but I’d rather my work speak for me.

The saying is that there’s a book in everyone, but not everyone can write compelling content to match a brand’s values or personality. Not everyone can choose the right words to compel a reader to take a specific action. Not everyone can take mundane topics and turn them into an engrossing read.

That’s why I won’t write a book on copywriting.

I have a confession

I do have a confession to make.

I stand by my assertion of never writing a copywriting book, but I have dabbled in fiction and self-published a novel entitled Mackerel Skies.


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