How to avoid confusion with your marketing

The term commercial writer is synonymous with business writer and copywriter. It’s just one that you don’t see very often. Probably because of the confusion it creates. 

In fact, the world of the copywriter is fraught with confusion. 

I’ve worked in a freelance role for over a decade now and have lost track of the emails, phone calls, and conversations I’ve had that go something like this (this one is a phone call, in case you were wondering):

Me: “Good morning, Briar Copywriting, Sally speaking.”

Caller: “Hi, I found your website through Google and wanted to speak to you about copywriting.”

Me: “Of course. How can I help?”

Caller: “Well, I’m just bringing a new product to market and am concerned about protecting my rights.”

Me: “Ah, you’re looking for a copyrighter.”

Caller: “Yes. Can you help?”

Me: “Sorry, I’m a copywriter with a ‘w.’ I write content for people. You’re looking for a copyrighter with an ‘r’ that deals with legal issues.”

Caller: “Ah. OK. Thanks.”

As a copywriter I can write exceptional content. However, when it comes to legal issues, I’m about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

The commercial copywriter issue

You’re probably wondering what all that has to do with commercial copywriting. 

Well, it’s a term I’ve been considering using. However, I can see misunderstandings happening. 

In my eyes, a commercial copywriter writes content for commercial companies. However, I can see how I could be mistaken for someone who writes commercials. I’m sure that’s quite lucrative, and I wouldn’t mind giving it a go, but right now, it’s not in my remit. 

That’s why, when it comes to your marketing, it’s essential you are as clear as possible to prevent any potential misunderstandings. 

How to avoid misunderstandings

Thanks to technology the world is getting smaller, which means you are competing against an every-growing market place. Finding different terminology that shows what you do is a great way to stand out and appear in a wider range of search results. 

The problem is making sure you appear in the right results. 

There’s little point in going to town with your SEO (search engine optimisation) for a term that’s potentially going to bring you a whole lot of useless enquiries. 

Being different is great. But being different by calling yourself something no one’s searching for, or has heard of before is pointless. You’re much better off working with a professional copywriter who can use her skills to create content that’s completely different to the monotone twaddle used by your competitors. 

Standing out through your approach and tone is a much better what of getting noticed.

Sally Ormondis a freelance copywriter who understands how to be different. To make sure your company is noticed for the right reasons, call her on +44(0) 1449 779605 for a chat, or email