powerful copywriting Q: What is the one thing that freelance copywriters are always asked for?
A: Snappy or punchy copy.

But of course, when you actually probe a bit deeper and ask exactly what they mean by ‘snappy copy’ and the response is usually along the lines of:

“Erm…you know…snappy…punchy…that sort of thing.”

Hmmm, very useful.

If a copywriter is going to produce powerful copy, they need to fully utilise the one tool they have available to them – the power words.

We’re not talking about incredibly complex words here. The words they use are very basic, simple words that don’t require defining or explaining. Your reader shouldn’t need a dictionary to try and establish what you’re talking about; they should be able to connect with them immediately.

You want to see some examples? OK. Power words are things such as:

– Love
– Hate
– Cash
– Care
– Best
– Crash
– Worst
– Win
– Lose
– Risk

That doesn’t mean you have to hit these right in your first draft. Every copywriter will produce several drafts before they submit it to their client.

The editing stage is vital because it’s at this stage you clear out all the flabby worn-out words and replace them with something more powerful. Of course, the choice of words is going to depend on what you are writing and who you are writing for.

If you are still unsure of what I am getting at, below is a list of worn-out words and their powerful alternatives.

Worn Out Words

Powerful Alternative

cost-effective cheap
impact negatively hurt
optimal best
upgrade boost

See – the power words are ‘snappier’; they’ll give your copy far more impact. Try them out and see what difference it makes to your sales copy.