social media profiles and keywords



Keywords in your social media profiles – is that a thing?

Yes, it is.


Well, let me ask you this – why do you use keywords in your website copy?

The answer is simple, so you can be found in the search results for the service or product you offer. After all, what’s the point in having a website if no one can locate you?

The same logic applies to your social media profiles. You are on social media so people can find you, and the only way you’ll make that happen is by using keywords.

Powerful social media profiles

Regardless of the social media platform, your biography should always contain the same elements (as far as possible):

  • Headline
  • Personality
  • Excellent spelling, grammar, and presentation
  • Call to action

Your biography, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Google + or YouTube, is often the basis for a searcher deciding whether you are someone they need to know or make a connection with.

That’s why it is so important to make sure your keywords appear in your headline and at the beginning of your profile description. Each profile should be viewed as an elevator pitch – outlining who you are, what you do, who you can help and the benefits they’ll receive.

You see, although social media is fun and a great way to interact with people, it is also a powerful marketing tool that should not be ignored.

Make every word count

But it’s not just your profile that you should be optimising, what about your updates?

You already know Google is integrating Tweets into its search results, well now status updates from Facebook are also being indexed. But before you get too excited, this will be limited to updates on Facebook Pages (i.e. those for organisations, business, and brands, etc.).

So that means the updates on your Facebook Page will act more like a marketing message making it essential that you place your keywords towards the beginning of your update to maximise your chances of appearing in the search results.

Where else can keywords go?

Other than your profile, tweets, and updates, you should also ensure your keywords feature in your:

  • YouTube descriptions
  • Anchor text links
  • Alt tags of your pictures, images, and photos

So, as you can see, keywords aren’t just for websites. Everything you do online must be optimised – if you want to be seen use your keywords.

Sally Ormond is a copywriter and MD of Briar Copywriting Ltd. Working with businesses of all sizes around the world, her range of copywriting services have helped her clients communicate more clearly with their customers and most their online visibility.