Copywriting agency vs freelance copywriter

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In the red corner, we have a copywriting agency. In the blue corner, a freelance copywriter.

Which one do you hire to do your copywriting?

Will it be the marketing agency that does your design and web work, or do you find yourself a professional freelance copywriter?

Let’s look at them in detail.

Copywriting by marketing agency

On the face of it, you may think that getting all your marketing work done under one roof is the best solution.

You get one cost, one invoice, and one point of contact.

Also, you only have to produce one brief that encompasses everything you’re looking for.

Sounds good.

However, the likelihood is that you’ll end up having a junior write your content for you.

What that means is that they’ll come to you with little or no experience. They would only have written in-house, which means they’ll follow the marketing agency’s style rather than the one you want.

Let’s face it the work they do for you will be used within their portfolio to attract other clients. Therefore, they’ll want to show off their talents, which means you may not get exactly what you want.

Your agency may tell you they work with external professional writers. However, be warned that is not the same as finding your own freelancer to work with. The agency will add a mark-up on the freelancer’s fee. Therefore, they are unlikely to use an experienced professional because it will be beyond their budget.

It’s not looking like such a great idea now, is it?

Copywriting by professional freelance copywriter

This time you decide to hire a professional freelance copywriter. After doing a spot of research, you find the right person for you.

She comes to your offices and has a chat about what you’re looking to achieve. She takes time to learn about your business and customers and discusses how you want to portray your brand through tone of voice.

After coming up with a plan, she begins the process of creating your content.

She has many years of experience in copywriting and therefore creates something that stands out from your competitors, giving you a commercial edge. Also, because she’s pretty hot at SEO content writing, Google loves your content too.

Although slightly more expensive than the marketing agency, you’re delighted with the copy. Plus, no one has added a percentage to her fee because you dealt with her direct.

Now you have a great professional you can contact whenever you need fresh copy for your business — someone who knows your customers and what they want.

There is only one choice

It comes down to budget and choice, but if you can afford a professional freelance copywriter, that is the best route to choose.

You’ll get content that achieves your goals in a style that reinforces your brand and converts visitors into customers.

In the words of Red Adair: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting Ltd