Working with freelancers and small businesses will transform your operations. freelancers and small businesses

Corporations are the ocean liners of the business world. They lumber along and take an age to change direction.

On the other hand, small businesses are nimble speedboats that thrive on being responsive and flexible. They can make decisions that are implemented immediately and turn around projects far quicker than big business.

During my career (as a solo freelance professional copywriter), I have worked directly with the likes of BT, Cisco, Finastra, and Willis Towers Watson because they know that working with me, they will REAP the benefits offered by a small, diverse business:

  • Responsive service
  • Expertise
  • Agility
  • Personal service

Continuity of service should also be listed there, but that would have messed up the acronym.

Freelancers and small businesses give big value

Responsive service

Unencumbered by a complex management structure, small businesses can make and implement decisions quickly.

If you need something turned around quickly, you get a decision as to whether it can be done on the spot, helping you manage your workload and accurately manage your customer relationships.


Small businesses are specialists (in my case, it’s copywriting).

I use my knowledge to develop a strategy that will positively impact your business. My writing is tailored to your brand voice and fits seamlessly within your marketing portfolio.

When you work with a larger agency, although they can do multiple jobs for you (such as design and content), the chances are that a junior copywriter will be assigned to you. Agencies also tend to have ‘house’ styles, so the tone you get may be different from what you want.


In my world, being agile and flexible is essential. Invariably, content is the last thing people think about and usually carries tight deadlines. Although this isn’t the ideal way to work, I’m flexible enough to ensure your needs are met.

Once your brief is received, work can get underway.

Personal service

If you work with an agency, you don’t know who will do the writing for you.  Multiple writers could lead to various voices.

With a small business (like mine), there is one writer. Therefore, every piece of work is carried out to the same exacting standards, so you only have to brief the tone of voice once.

Small but perfectly formed

Small businesses and freelancers are the driving force behind big business. With our specialist knowledge, corporations can deliver what they do.

We don’t have flashy offices; many of us work from home, but that has no reflection on the quality and value for money you’ll receive.

Next time you’re looking for a specialist supplier, think about using a freelancer or small business. Not only will they help you achieve your goals, but they’ll also help you diversify your supply chain.


Sally Ormond is proud to be a woman-owned diverse small business. For an informal chat about your copywriting needs, call her at +44(0)1449 779605 or email