Isn’t that a wonderful sight? An out-stretched hand waving a credit card in your direction.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your copywriting (sales writing) made everyone do that? Products would simply fly off your shelves.

People are more likely to buy from you if they trust you. Therefore your sales writing has to build a relationship with your reader. They must be able to instantly connect with you – and that’s not easy through words. After all, although you may have the vision of your ideal customer in your head,you never really know who is going to be reading your marketing materials.

Writing in the second person (i.e. using you and your) is a great way to start to build that relationship. By talking directly to your reader you begin to build a rapport that leads to trust. It’s a bit like when a politician or a musician looks straight at you when talking or singing – the second person is the written equivalent of eye contact. It makes you believe they are taking directly to you.

But as well as this, another way to make your writing sell is by creating a sense of urgency. By simple rounding off your text with BUT IT NOW!!!!! isn’t really going to do it. But by making them believe they would be missing out on something great, will.

The 8 techniques that will empty your shelves – fast

These simple, but effective, techniques will help you create that all important sense of urgency:

1. Deadlines – order by 3pm on 5th September to qualify for our 75% discount

2. Money back guarantee – this will help build trust as it shows you stand by the quality of your product

3. Free service – this could be something like a free on-site repair service. Again it builds trust.

4. Testimonials – a great way to build trust. But make sure they are qualified. If you can put together case studies that’s even better.

5. Affiliate programmes – if you can this is a real motivator. If a customer can make money out of recommending your service, they will. But make it a limited offer in someway to generate that all important urgency factor.

6. Offer support – a 24 hour telephone or email support package is always welcome and gives a boost to the trust factor. Your customer will gain peace of mind knowing that, should something go wrong, you’ll be there to fix it for them.

7. Free shipping – again, if this is for a limited time only it will make people buy. Especially if you show your usual shipping fees.

8. BOGOF – the good old buy one get one free. If shown as a limited offer it will generate a lot of interest and sales.After all, we all love to get something for nothing.

The beauty of these is that you can use as many as you like within your copywriting. You may even be able to think of a few more – showing stocks are limited, creating a special edition etc. Just use your imagination – think about what would make you buy? In fact, what offers have you seen in the past that have made you buy immediately because you thought you’d miss out?

There is just one thing you must remember when doing something like this though – make sure you have enough stock!